Reasons to Opt for Surface Tension Gutter Guards

If your home is prone to large debris and leaves, there are gutter cleaning guards that are best for your home. Surface tension gutter guards are some of the best that will be effective in keeping large debris away. The most important thing to do is ensure that the slope of the roof is similar to that of the gutter guard.

How does it Work?

Surface tension gutter covers are amazingly effective in allowing water to flow and preventing debris. Debris is directed to the lip of the gutter guard before falling on the ground while water goes through the rounded nose of the guard into the gutter and to the downspout. This technology makes these covers a great solution for your home as no one will have to climb up a ladder to clean the gutters.

Advantages of Installing Surface Tension Gutter Protection

You are probably wondering why you should opt for surface tension gutter guards. There is every reason to consider this kind of protection for your gutters.

  • Keeps out Large Debris

Although during a heavy downpour water can cascade over the guard, it keeps out large debris from entering the gutters. The small debris that might enter the gutter, they are easily washed away.

  • Prevent Water Damage

Since surface tension gutter guards take the water away, this will prevent gutter clogging. When you prevent this, you will be eliminating the risks of damage to your roof, foundation, siding and lawn.

  • No More Thinking about Gutters

You are always worried if your gutters are clogged with debris before the rains come. There is always someone climbing up a ladder to check on the gutters. With the surface tension protection, this will be a thing of the past. No more regular maintenance and cleaning.

  • They Have an Innovative Design

The innovative design of these gutter guards is what makes them reliable. This design gives the guard a ridge where water stick as it flows into the gutter. This design makes it easy for the guard to keep off snow, branches and other debris.

Why it Needs Professional Installation

Professional installation is vital when installing surface tension covers. It will not be effective if the angle of the cover does not match the slope of the roof. Poor installation means that there will be more debris in the gutter and water will be spilling over. This will be a huge mess to your home. To eliminate this kind of stress, ensure that you have hired a professional installer and avoid installing this.

Although the surface tension covers are quite visible from the ground and are a bit more expensive compared to some other gutter guards, they are reliable. You can count on them to protect your roof, keep away debris and allow water to flow. Allow an expert to have a look at your roof and current gutters to determine whether the gutters will need to be rehanged. An expert will also determine the right angle to install the guards.